Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Old translation errors

It is known that during the process of translation of a text is the risk of some words or concepts to lose some of its meaning, or even that the translation is provided for a completely different interpretation. Sometimes, these variations do not affect the end result too and do not generate significant confusion. But during the history of mankind, many of these translation errors have led to conflicts, wars and even changed the course of some religions.
For example, there is a theory that says that all worship the Virgin Mary is based on a failed interpretation of the Hebrew word lama (young woman) which when translated into Greek was used the word Virgin. Without going into controversy, we can already imagine the enormous historical impact that may have had any other translation of this word. If this theory is correct, then a single badly translated word could have accomplished the start of one of the most popular in the world worships.

Another case of erroneous translations occurred in Easter Island. It is estimated that this island, whose original name is Rama Nui (Big Island), was populated by ancient Polynesian travelers before the 5th century, which developed their culture away from the rest of the world. The first European, from visitors from Holland, came the Domingo de Pascal from 1722 (hence its name). Then followed the visits of Spanish, English, French, and even Peruvian, but those who took the final step to "stay" with the island were Chileans, who came in peace to the island, and signed a treaty with its then King, Tammany Taken. The Treaty was in Spanish . But guess who! The texts of each treaty had a subtle difference in the translation. In the document in Spanish, it was written that the Islanders yielded complete sovereignty over the island and its people, while the document in Rapa nun just accepted protection and friendship by the Chileans. Is until today the Islanders refuse to be part of Chile, and Chile considers the island as part of the Department of Valparaiso... Despite being over 6 hour’s flight from the Chilean coast!